Yak Facts

Why do foodies, models, body builders, and athletes prefer yak meat? It’s because of the amazing taste, extremely low fat content, and abundance of protein. Yaks also produce very little methane gas and they do not destroy land when they graze. By all measures - yak is the ideal meat!

Yaks Ranch

About HK Yak Ranch

HK Yak Ranch rests in the foothills of Devil’s Tower, Wyoming on more than 2,000 acres of pristine land. The ranch is surrounded on four sides by American Indian reservations and is home to wolves, moose, and bald eagles. The famous cowboy town of Deadwood is less than an hour away by car.


Photo Gallery

We’re strong believers that people deserve to know where their food comes from. See for yourself what we’re all about by browsing through our photo catalogue of the yaks, land, and ranching team. Curious to learn more? Swing by the ranch for a visit or give us a call at 307-274-4499 - we would love to meet you!

“I first tried yak meat in 2013. It was one of the most delicious things I have ever tried. Since then I have had their steaks and also made some yak burgers for a family reunion. HK Yak Ranch has yet to disappoint. The meat is delicious but what is even more out of this world is the customer service. The HK Yak Ranch crew are some of the nicest people on the planet and will bend over backwards to ensure that every customer gets the best service and best yak meat in the US. I will definitely be ordering from the HK Yak Ranch again!”


F-16 Pilot

“I am very careful with fats and cholesterol but I like the flavor of red meat. I feel safe with eating yak because it is low in the things I'm trying to avoid but high in the taste.”


Retired Secretary

“My past experiences with HK Yak Ranch have been nothing but EXCELLENT. The operators are so friendly and knowledgeable with a sincere commitment to providing customers with a unique and healthy product line. They’ve officially converted me into a yak fanatic with such delicious and nutrient rich meat! I love trying alternative protein sources but when it comes to this ranch, I was sold on how they always deliver high quality products that are lean, lower in calories, and irresistibly sweet and rich in taste. I’m thrilled whenever I make a new dish with any of the HK Yak Ranch products, from stews, to burgers, to steaks! The sky is the limit when it comes to yak meat dish creativity so don’t hesitate… Give HK Yak Ranch a shout and they will get you the best yak meat and products on the market.”


Data Scientist

“I enjoy the wide range of cuts HK Yak Ranch offers. The steaks are so delicious I typically go back for seconds. I have also experienced delicious flavors of yak jerky. I take it to work, road trips, watching TV, or even out playing in the woods. I enjoy Yak meat because of its health benefits and exotic title. I know the HK Yak Ranch provides pleasant grazing grounds for the entire herd.”


Construction Contractor

“This sweet lean red meat is delicious because there are no hormones added. The animals are free range and drink fresh water.”



"I am still beginning to explore the wonderland of cooking for myself and deciding what kinds of recipes I like, and branching out into different kinds of meat is a large part of that exploration process. Yak is one of the more rare and interesting meats to experiment with and it adds a much needed variety to any diet. It is not as gamey as buffalo meat, but it has a wild flavor that beef lacks. For those of us who have limited experience outside of the beef, pork, and chicken triangle it is a good branching out point."


Graduate Accounting Student

"HK Yak Ranch makes some of the best meat around! I won’t forget the first time I chomped down on one of these magnificent beasts. The quality and care the ranch puts into its yaks is obvious. 10 out of 10! I highly recommend!”


Air Force Officer

“Obsessed with it! Ever since I started eating yak meat, I haven’t been able to get enough. Fitness and diet are huge parts of my life, and yak meat has been a great addition. I thank HK Yak Ranch for introducing me to yak meat. I’ve tried some other exotic meat businesses, but I choose HK Yak Ranch because of the standard of excellence they provide across their entire business.”


“Yak meat is delicious. I was a vegetarian and used this meat to introduce protein back into my diet.”



“Love it a lot! It is very lean and good meat.”


Sales Coordinator

"The yak meat from HK Yak Ranch is always the highest quality and absolutely delicious. I eat yak meat for the high-quality protein and the tastiness it adds to any dinner. If you're a meat eater and you're not eating HK Yak Ranch meat, then you are missing out. I recommend it to everyone I meet."


Army Officer

“Healthy meat that tastes excellent.”


Construction Company Owner

Meet the Ranchers

Carl Hawk

The definition of the American Dream. Construction expert, triathlete, hunter, and family man. Founder of HK Yak Ranch.

Dana Hawk

A PhD candidate with a zeal for helping others. Dana is the founder of our sister ranch, San Juan Quarter Horses.

Vance Hawk

A red blooded patriot with a passion for yak. Vance is in the Air Force, but also manages logistics and sales for the ranch.

Kealy Hawk

An artist and faithful Christian. Aspiring to become a lactation consultant to assist women transitioning into motherhood.