About HK Yak Ranch

A Yak's Utopia

Call us old fashioned but we prefer to know who makes our food and where it comes from. That personal connection is what drove Carl Hawk, the founder of HK Yak Ranch, to sell his Colorado construction company and purchase 2,000+ acres of pristine land in the Black Hills of Wyoming. Carl wanted the best possible land for his yaks because he knew it would produce the best possible meat for his customers.

HK Yak Ranch is nestled in the Black Hills near the historic town of Sundance, Wyoming and is 40 miles south of America’s first national monument, Devil’s Tower. The ranch is home to countless species of wild animals including bald eagles, bear, deer, turkeys, mountain lions, bobcats, and elk. The ranch is 100% self-sustaining by running entirely on solar power, propane, and a mixture of spring and ground water wells. In fact, the yaks primarily eat hay which is grown on the ranch itself. You won’t find any chemicals or hormones on the ranch – just pure and delicious yak meat.

The yaks graze freely on the ranch and are only put in pens for brief periods of the year for veterinary checkups. Most of the yaks are descendants from the same bloodline which Carl Hawk first purchased more than a decade ago. He has meticulously bred and nurtured every yak to create one of the finest herds in the Western Hemisphere. The rich land and individualized attention given to each yak is what makes the meat superior.

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