Half Yak


Buy yak in bulk to save you money and give you variety!

3-4 months from the time you place your order, you will receive 150 pounds of yak meat in the form of ground yak, roasts, and our most succulent steaks…

Delicious yak meat delivered right to your door.


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Purchase a half yak and feed your family for half of the year! It will be 150 pounds of yak meat – delivered to your door. This option gives you a discount for ordering in bulk- $14/pound. (Our quarter yak option is $15/pound). This is a steal of a deal for included luxury cuts, like tenderloin and NY strip, $25-$40+/pound!

WE NEED 3-4 MONTHS OF LEAD TIME. Once you place your order, expect your meat to be delivered in 3-4 months. We will keep you updated!

A half yak includes a variety of meat cuts including ground yak, roasts, stew meat/kabobs, and our most succulent steaks: T-bone, rib steak, sirloin, and cube/chuck steak.

As an additional option – you can add bones and/or organ meats to your order. There’s no extra charge, just select that option when adding to your cart!

Enjoy some of the healthiest meat coming from the happiest yaks in North America.