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Our yaks are lovingly raised in Sundance, Wyoming on our 2,000 acre ranch. Come visit and see what yaks we have for sale. They are perfect for starting your own herd, gathering their luxury yak wool, raising for meat, or having a companion. Yaks are loving, and if worked with from their young years, become attached to people. Purchasing yaks from us in bulk is a great option for decreasing the price per yak – we are happy to offer bulk discounts. If you are interested, send us an email by filling out our contact form.

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Yaks for sale! 

Yaks are great livestock and are used for meat, wool, and as pack animals. We are selling our yaks, and will offer a good price for anyone that wants to purchase yaks in bulk. For 20+ yaks, we will sell them for $750/head.

North American yaks generally sell for 2-3 times the cost that we are asking for – we are happy to give a summer discount!

The yaks we have for sale are primarily used for meat. Yak meat is similar to grass-fed beef. It is a red, lean meat and has almost no cholesterol. For more information about yak meat, visit our yak facts page!

Additionally, yaks are also sold for their wool. Yak wool is a luxury fiber, and sells for 2-4 times what sheep will sell for.

Our yaks are not raised to be friendly pets, but their babies can be nurtured into loving pack animals. Yaks have a very loving personality and become a great companion – but they should be worked with starting as babies.

We have yak babies for sale if you are looking to raise a companion or pack animal. We also have yak cows, bills and steers available for sale.

The yak breeds and colors we have include Royal yaks (white and black), Imperial yaks (black with black muzzle), Native (black with grey muzzle), and Golden (a golden-brown color).

Visit our About The Ranch page to learn more about our yaks! They are lovingly raised on our 2,000 acre ranch. If you interested in buying one (or more!) of the yaks we have for sale, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are happy to have you come and see the yaks for yourself! We are located in Wyoming – right in the Black Hills.